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My name is Chrispian and I like to make things. I’m a web developer and have been working in the computer / internet field for almost 22 years now. I also draw, write, make things, take pictures and love figuring stuff out.

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  1. Chris, lol. Sorry about that. I don’t have a clue how journal popped into my head. Anyway, I found you via the problogger.com community. And thanks for the compliment. My parents were hippies and gave me a strange first name and luckily it’s very rare. Pretty good for branding ;)

    Glad you stopped by and I’ll keep checking out your site as well.

  2. Thanks Chrispian! I just got through telling all the other Contributors on The Bulletin about your list of videos from the Expo. Looks like a great consolidation of Expo video for us all to check out. Will keep stopping by your site :-)

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